How to change the batteries in August Smart Lock Pro?

To change the batteries in the August Smart Lock Pro, follow these steps:


      1. Open the lock cover using the pin tool provided with the lock.

      1. Remove the existing batteries by pulling out the battery tray.

      1. Insert the new batteries, ensuring they are installed correctly.

      1. Reattach the battery tray and close the lock cover securely.

      1. Test the lock to ensure it is working properly with the new batteries.

    Replacing the Battery in Your August Smart Lock – Quick and Simple


    Locate Battery Cover


        • Locate the battery cover on your August Smart Lock Pro.

        • Look for the battery cover on the inside panel of the lock.

        • Hold the lock firmly and slide the cover downwards to reveal the batteries.

        • Gently remove the cover to access and replace the batteries as needed.


      Remove Battery Cover

      Carefully remove the battery cover by sliding it off. Hold the device firmly with one hand and use the other hand to slide the cover in the direction indicated by the arrow icon. Alternatively, if your device has screws securing the battery cover, use the appropriate screwdriver to unscrew them in a counterclockwise direction. Remember to keep track of the screws to avoid misplacing them.


      Take Out Old Batteries


          • Remove the old batteries from the compartment by gently pressing on the release latch and pulling them out.

          • Note the positions of the old batteries to ensure correct placement of the new ones. For example, if the old batteries were installed with the positive end facing up, make sure to install the new batteries in the same orientation.

          • Avoid forcing the removal of the old batteries to prevent any damage to the compartment. Pay close attention to how the batteries are positioned before inserting the new ones.


        Insert New Batteries


            • Insert fresh batteries: Open the compartment and remove any old batteries. Place the new batteries into the compartment, following the correct orientation indicated by the markings (usually + and – signs). Push them in until they fit snugly.

            • Ensure correct placement: Double-check that the positive and negative ends of the batteries align with the markings inside the compartment. Close the compartment securely, making sure it locks into place to prevent the batteries from falling out during use.


          Replace Battery Cover

          Securely put back the battery cover in place by sliding it back into position until it clicks or screwing it in according to the lock design. Ensure all sides of the cover align properly with the device before firmly securing it. Test the battery cover by gently pressing on it to confirm it is securely attached. Finally, make sure there are no gaps or loose ends to prevent essential components from being exposed.


          Test the Lock


              • Test the smart lock’s functionality by locking and unlocking it using the newly replaced batteries. Ensure that the lock responds promptly to commands and operates smoothly.

              • Check for any unusual sounds or error messages that may indicate battery or system issues. Test the lock multiple times to confirm consistent performance with the new batteries.


            Check Battery Level

            To check the battery level, open the August app on your smartphone. Locate the lock in the app, then navigate to the settings section. Look for the battery indicator to view the current battery level after replacing it.

            Alternatively, physically inspect the lock itself for a battery level indicator. On the lock’s exterior, there is a small LED light that will display a specific color or pattern. Consult the lock’s user manual for the corresponding battery level based on the LED indicator.


            Re-pair the Lock

            Follow these steps to re-pair the lock with your phone or smart home system if needed:


                • Open the manufacturer’s instructions for your lock.

                • Locate the section on re-pairing the lock with a new device.


              Maintenance Tips


                  • Replace batteries periodically to prevent lockouts and ensure optimal performance.

                  • Remove the old batteries from the battery compartment.

                  • Install new batteries following the correct polarity (+/-).

                  • Test the lock to verify proper battery installation and functionality.


                Contact Support

                If you encounter any issues or have questions during the battery replacement process, contact August customer support for assistance. Provide them with detailed information about the problem you are facing and any steps you have already taken. Attach relevant photos or videos that may help in diagnosing the issue. Stay in communication with the support team to ensure a prompt resolution to your concern.

                Final Steps for Battery Replacement

                In conclusion, the detailed steps provided make it simple to change the batteries in your August Smart Lock Pro, promoting seamless functionality and increased security for your smart home.

                Essential Supplies

                • New Batteries (compatible with August Smart Lock Pro)
                • Screwdriver
                • Cleaning Cloth
                • Contact information for Support

                Battery Replacement Tips

                • Remove the cover of the August Smart Lock Pro by pressing the tab at the bottom of the device
                • Take out the existing batteries and dispose of them properly
                • Insert four new CR123 batteries into the battery compartment with the correct polarity
                • Make sure the batteries are securely in place and the cover is closed properly before testing the lock
                • Use high-quality batteries to ensure optimal performance and longer battery life
                • Check the battery level in the August app regularly to monitor when it’s time to replace the batteries

                Step-by-step Guide to Setting Up and Using Your August Smart Lock Pro


                    • Install the August app on your smartphone and create an account

                    • Follow the instructions provided in the app to set up the August Smart Lock Pro on your door

                    • Use the app to lock and unlock the door remotely, grant access to other users, and monitor lock activity

                    • Customize settings such as auto-lock, auto-unlock, and guest access permissions to suit your needs

                  FAQs about August Smart Lock Pro

                  How easy is it to install the August Smart Lock Pro?


                  The installation of the August Smart Lock Pro is generally considered to be user-friendly and straightforward. The installation process usually involves replacing your existing deadbolt with the August Smart Lock Pro, which typically requires just a screwdriver and possibly a few additional tools. The lock is designed to fit most standard doors, and the provided instructions and video tutorials help guide you through the installation steps. Overall, many users find the installation process to be relatively easy and can be completed within a reasonable amount of time.

                  What are the key features of the August Smart Lock Pro compared to other smart locks?



                  The August Smart Lock Pro stands out from other smart locks due to its unique features such as DoorSense technology, which notifies you if your door is securely closed and locked, and Wi-Fi connectivity for remote access and control. Additionally, the Smart Lock Pro is compatible with a wide range of smart home systems, making it versatile and easy to integrate into your existing setup.

                  Does the August Smart Lock Pro have an auto-locking feature?


                  Yes, the August Smart Lock Pro does have an auto-locking feature. This feature enables the lock to automatically lock the door a set amount of time after it has been unlocked.

                  Is the August Smart Lock Pro compatible with smart home systems like Apple HomeKit or Samsung SmartThings?



                  Yes, the August Smart Lock Pro is compatible with smart home systems like Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings. It allows users to integrate the smart lock seamlessly into their preferred smart home ecosystem for enhanced control and convenience.

                  Can you integrate the August Smart Lock Pro with other smart devices in your home?


                  Yes, the August Smart Lock Pro can be integrated with other smart devices in your home. It is compatible with various smart home platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Z-Wave. This allows you to control the smart lock through voice commands or integrate it with other smart devices and apps to create a more connected and automated home environment.

                  Is the August Smart Lock Pro compatible with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant?


                  Yes, the August Smart Lock Pro is compatible with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. It allows users to control the lock using voice commands through these platforms.

                  How does the August Smart Lock Pro handle software updates and future compatibility with new technology?


                  The August Smart Lock Pro regularly receives software updates via its companion app to ensure security, improve functionality, and enhance user experience. The brand strives to maintain compatibility with new technologies through these updates, providing users with continued support for evolving smart home ecosystems and devices. Users can expect ongoing software enhancements and responsiveness to new technologies to maintain the lock’s performance and security features in the long term.

                  How does the August Smart Lock Pro handle guest access?


                  The August Smart Lock Pro allows users to easily provide guest access by sending virtual keys to guests through the August mobile app. This feature enables guests to unlock the door using their smartphone, without requiring physical keys or additional hardware.



                  The August Smart Lock Pro comes with several security features to enhance the protection of your home. These features include AES 128-bit and TLS encryption for data transmission, two-factor authentication for added verification, guest access restrictions, activity feed monitoring, and tamper-proofing mechanisms. Additionally, the lock’s DoorSense technology alerts you if the door is not securely closed. These security measures aim to provide users with a secure and reliable smart lock solution for their homes.

                  Can you monitor the status of your door remotely with the August Smart Lock Pro?



                  Yes, you can monitor the status of your door remotely with the August Smart Lock Pro. Through the associated mobile app, users can check the lock’s activity history and receive real-time notifications on the door’s status, such as whether it’s locked or unlocked. This feature offers users increased security and convenience by allowing them to stay connected and in control of their door even when they are away from home.

                  Does the August Smart Lock Pro offer any integration with security systems or monitoring services?


                  Yes, the August Smart Lock Pro does offer integration with some security systems and monitoring services. It is compatible with certain smart home platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit, which can enhance its functionality and security features. Additionally, it can also integrate with select home security systems for added convenience and control.

                  Can multiple users have access to the August Smart Lock Pro?


                  Yes, multiple users can have access to the August Smart Lock Pro. The lock allows you to create virtual keys and grant access to anyone you choose through the August app. Each user can have their own unique access permissions, providing flexibility and control over who can enter the premises.

                  What kind of batteries does the August Smart Lock Pro use and how long do they last?


                  The August Smart Lock Pro uses four AA batteries. The battery life can vary depending on usage, but on average, the batteries can last up to 3 to 6 months before needing replacement.

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                  1. Could you provide some tips on how to extend the battery life of the August Smart Lock Pro? Maybe some energy-saving features or settings that users can utilize?

                  2. I found the steps on removing and replacing the batteries straightforward, but I wonder if there are specific battery brands or types recommended for the August Smart Lock Pro to maximize its performance and longevity?

                  3. Great guide! I would suggest adding a section on how to properly dispose of the old batteries from the August Smart Lock Pro. It’s important to recycle them in an environmentally friendly way.

                    • Thank you for the suggestion! Proper disposal of old batteries is crucial for the environment. We will include a section on battery recycling in our maintenance tips for future articles.

                  4. I have successfully changed the batteries following your guide, but are there any advanced troubleshooting tips you can share in case the lock still doesn’t function properly after battery replacement?

                    • We appreciate your feedback! In case the lock doesn’t work after replacing the batteries, you can try resetting the lock or checking for any firmware updates. If the issue persists, contacting our support team for further assistance would be the best course of action.

                  5. Is there a way to integrate battery level monitoring with the lock so users can receive alerts when the batteries are running low? That would be a useful feature to have!

                    • Thank you for your suggestion! Implementing a feature for battery level monitoring and alerts is a great idea to enhance user experience. We will explore the possibility of integrating this functionality into the August Smart Lock Pro in future updates.

                  6. Thank you for your question! While the August Smart Lock Pro is compatible with most alkaline batteries, we recommend using high-quality brands to ensure optimal performance and battery life. Brands like Energizer or Duracell are popular choices among users.

                  7. I’ve been using the August Smart Lock Pro for a while now and have noticed that extreme temperatures can affect the battery life. Maybe you could cover some temperature management tips to optimize the lock’s performance?

                    • That’s a great observation! Extreme temperatures can indeed impact battery performance. We will definitely include temperature management tips in our future articles to help users maintain their August Smart Lock Pro in various conditions.

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